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DAFI Accreditations:

BVQI ISO 9001: 200

European Safety and Conformity mark CE

NRCS (previously SABS) Approval Certificate

DAFI energy saving water heaters are used in North America, Australia, Japan and Eastern Europe and are now available in South Africa. DAFI is small in size, but has all the technical parameters of expensive-to-run, traditional water heaters. Heating water is not influenced by DAFI's compact size, because the power of the heating element influences the efficiency of producing hot water.

Hot water is produced instantly, as this compact heating system is installed close to each point of use. The DAFI energy saving water heater can be installed above (with spout) or under washbasins, sinks, next to baths and shower cubicles. Under basin installation can be at any 360 degree angle to suit space. DAFI energy saving water heaters can also be used in conjunction with solar heating.

Your DAFI energy saving instantaneous water heater is designed to be low on maintenance without corrodible metal - only durable, certified plastic is used. The heater is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 24 months from date of purchase, if installed correctly - plumber certification is needed.

DAFI Models:

Single Phase 220 volts 50HZ (Wall mount only - Kitchen sinks, factory hand basins, hand shower etc)
•  3,7 kW - full load current 16,0 amps
•  4,5 kW - full load current 19,5 amps

Single Phase 220 volts 50HZ (In-line, under sink mount - Kitchen sinks, hand basin and shower combination)
•  5,5 kW - full load current 24,5 amps
•  7,3 kW - full load current 31,5 amps

Three Phase 380 Volt 50HZ (In-line, under sink mount - Kitchen sinks, hand basin and shower combination. Wiring 2 phases plus earth.)
•  7,5 kW - full load current 18,75 amps per phase
•  9,0 kW - full load current 22,50 amps per phase
•  11,0 kW - full load current 27,5 amps per phase

The variety of power strengths available in the DAFI energy saving water heater range enable better adjustment of the heater to its purpose.

Safety Marks and Awards:

DAFI Water Filters:

Eko-Dafi water filters improve drinking water quality very effectively. Installation next to water intake points will eliminate impurities from your water supply. The lifespan of the filters depend upon the quality of your water supply and the level of water purification needed.

Water filter cartridges:
•  Carbon cartridge - eliminates unpleasant taste and odour from water
    eg.chlorine, organic substances, lead, zinc, mercury, nickel and copper
•  Polypropylene cartridge - eliminates mechanical impurities from water
    eg.rust ,sand, grease
•  Ion-exchange resin cartridge - removes salts which cause water hardness
    and prevents scale from forming inside kettles, washing machines,
    dishwashers etc.

DAFI water filters can be used individually or connected in a series of 2, 3 or more units to assist with water purification.