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DAFI Accreditations:

BVQI ISO 9001: 200

European Safety and Conformity mark CE

NRCS (previously SABS) Approval Certificate

DAFI energy saving water heaters, developed and manufactured by Formaster S.A.Kielce, Poland, is the answer to high electricity bills for heating water. Formaster S.A. has more than 20 years experience in the manufacturing of cost effective, energy saving water heating and filtration systems for both commercial and residential use.

Now available in South Africa, the new compact energy saving DAFI water heater delivers instant hot water within approximately 5 seconds of opening your hot water tap. Easy plumbing (see installation page) makes tankless DAFI your water heating option at every tap where hot water is needed.

The DAFI energy saving water heater delivers hot water in an instant. Benefits include:

•  Electricity saving - electricity is only used during the intake of water

•  Water saving - no wasting litres of cold water to get hot water

•  Space saving - DAFI water heater is the size of a beer mug, easy to install under sink or above

•  Energy saving - no electricity is wasted heating pipes from geyser points to taps further away

•  Money saving - all electricity used is converted into hot water instantly

•  Time saving - hot water is available within seconds of turning your hot water tap on

•  Environmentally friendly - the entire DAFI water heater can be recycled

•  Easy installation - only cold water and electrical supply required

•  Safe instant hot water - no risk of a gas explosion

DAFI Applications

Public Utilities
Holiday resorts
Holiday cottages
Trade centres
Petrol stations
Student accommodation
and many more

Environmental Management Promotions are the sole importers of the DAFI energy saving instantaneous water heater in South Africa in all provinces. See contact page.